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VA121 Medieval University NEW


8 figures which represents high class noble civilians. The set can be used a university students or as civilians.

8 figurines représentants  la classe noble civiles. Pourra servir comme universitaire/bacheliers ou civils

VA123 Catapult with crew


We are very happy to once again to be able to offer siege machines in 1/72 scale. This time a catapult with a four man crew and ammunition. The set needs a little assemply.

Engin de siège au 1/72ème à savoir catapulte avec 4 servants, attention nécessite un petit travail d’assemblage

VA109 Chevalier XV - XVI siècle - VA109 Gothic Knights


VA109 Chevalier XV - XVI siècle - VA109 Gothic Knights

This sets depicts a mounted German Late Medieval knight (two versions) and also a model of emperor Maxmilian. Separate parts are weapons and shield.

Chevalier fin Moyen Age début renaissance


VA001 Teutonic Shield Wall


VA001 Teutonic Shield Wall

This is a Teutonic Shield Wall which consist of 4 individual figures, a base plate and 4 large shields and 4 long spears. When put together this will make it possible to build a line of teutonic sergeants ready to face the russian cavalry and their arrow storm. The set comes with 4 seperate shields and also 3 lances + one broken lance.

Protection boucliers contre une charge de cavalerie

VA110 Croisés ou Teutoniques en marche Teutonic infantry on march


VA110 Teutonic infantry on march

This is another set sculptured by the magic hands of Alex. The idea is to make a rather large set with both infantry and a singe or two cavalrymen on march. They will be relaxed and be carrying different types of unifroms/weapons and shields to allow the set to be used for mant different purposes and scenarios from the harsh of the Eastern crusades to the striking sun of the Holyland. The Teutonic Order is a German Roman Catholic religious order. It was formed to aid Christians on their pilgrimages to the Holy Land and to establish hospitals to care for the sick and injured. Its members have commonly been known as the Teutonic Knights, since they were also called on to aid as a crusading military order during the Middle Ages and much of the modern era. The membership was always small and whenever the need arose, volunteers or mercenaries arrived for military duties. Formed at the end of the 12th century in Acre, Palastine, the medieval Order played an important role in Outremer, controlling the port tolls of Acre. After Christian forces were defeated in the Middle East, the Order moved to Transylvania in 1211 to help defend Hungary against the Cumans. They were expelled in 1225 after allegedly attempting to place themselves under Papal instead of Hungarian sovereignty.Following the Golden Bull of Rimini, Grand Master Hermann von Salza and Duke Konrad I of Masovia made a joint invasion of Prussia in 1230 to Christianise the Baltic Old Prussians in the Nothern Crusades. The knights were then accused of cheating Polish rule and creating an independent monastic state. The Order lost its main purpose in Europe, when the neighbouring country of Lithuania accepted Christianity. Once established in Prussia, the Order became involved in campaigns against its Christian neighbours, the Kingdom of Poland, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and the Novgorod Republic (after assimilating the Livonian Order). The Teutonic Knights had a strong urban economy, hired mercenaries from throughout Europe to augment their feudal levies, and became a naval power in the Baltic Sea.

- 2 horses

- 10 persons

- Cargo

- Weapon sprue


Infanterie époque croisade en marche le fabriquant désigne ça comme du Teutonique mais cette scénette pourra servir pour tout type de colonne Croisés en marche

2 chevaux
10 personnages
diverses armes et matériel

VA104 Vie en Monastére Life in Teutonic Monastry


VA104 Vie en Monastére Life in Teutonic Monastry

This set will be figures representing life in a Teutonic Monastry.

VA202 Commandement Teutonique - Teutonic Cavalry Command


VA202 Commandement Teutonique - Teutonic Cavalry Command

Référence de Chevaliers montés en attente de charger, Ce set est modulable et permet de faire différentes poses.

 This set represents a mounted teutonic command section over looking a battle or ready to join one. The idea with this special range sculptured by Alex is to make a modular set with different possibilities. There are three different horse poses and 7 different heads + the teutonic commander. Fantastic sculpturing!!!

VA124 Pilgrims / Pèlerins à 16,00 €


VA124 Pilgrims / Pèlerins à 16,00 €

Pèlerins présente un petit groupe d’individus en chemin pour un lieu Saint lointain … Soit deux Pélerins et deux chevaux.

A fantastic new set from the hands of Alex. This set is designed to show a small group of pilgrims on the way to/from the Holyland. The set comes with two dismounted figures and two horses. One of the horses comes with a pack with a crest, shield in cover, lance, blankets etc. The other horses has a seperate mounted knights with cloak and an instrument.

Matériaux: résine

VA125 Musicians / Troubadour à 14,00 €


VA125 Musicians / Troubadour à 14,00 €

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